Friday, December 7, 2007

my first time

This weekend, for the fist time EVER, my handmade items will be on display for others (by others I mean non family & friends) to see. I have an Aunt & a who both bead and in the past they have put on a little mini show at my Aunts home. WELL, this time they invited me to come and play along.
I am totally excited & nervous at the same time. You could go either way for a couple of reasons.
1. I don't really bead. I mean I have made a few sets of super simple earrings, but nothing quite as elaborate as what they make. So any beading I have is very different from what they do.
2. The majority of my stuff in general is very different they anything they might create. Our styles & likes are just very different.
The thing is, is that I think I can safely assume that the majority of people that will stop by this little...gathering of crafts will be people that THEY know. So the question is if these people are fond of their work will they hate mine? OR will they be interested in the small selection of different items?
We'll know come Sunday. Wish me luck!