Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the worse blogger EVER

I suck I know. Quick update...
The "craft show" went better than I expected. In spite of the fact that it did turn out to be only family. My cousin’s wife, Maggie, helped me price things. I am SO bad at that. I can tell you what materials cost but I am completely unable to put a monetary value on my time, or determine how much time a project takes. Assuming it's a bigger project that is. Some things were priced higher then I would have ever assumed appropriate... but sold, so that was encouraging. Hopefully I'll get to participate again & more people will show.
On the selling note, I went to a new hair place recently & discovered that they have little crafters displays around their shop. I chatted with the receptionist about it & she suggested that I bring my stuff in for the owner to have a look. I'm nervous...we'll see.

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