Friday, March 7, 2008


Another reminder post. I love this idea! The patches are just the cherry on top. I want to do it. If I have nothing in my closet...I will search far & wide to find a sweater to do this to. Makes me curse myself for all the sweaters I've gotten rid of or cut up to make other things...Lets hope they wouldn't work for this. I don't know why adding a zipper never occurred to me? I have, in fact, cut straight up the middle of a sweater before. A turtle neck. Never wore it though. I'll bet I would have if it had a zip.

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She sure is strange! said...

Well, it is about dang time you started posting again. I'd *almost* given up on you!!! Love the sweater but if it was wool it would end up felted at my house. That's my latest thing(but I haven't blogged about it yet). Good to "see" you again!!