Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coiled Fabric basket

Ok, so this started last December back when my family gathered one Saturday afternoon for a Christmas brunch at my sister Cindy's house. She and her husband have a cute little house with a nice size yard for their 3 dogs to run in. Inside, her style is ceiling to floor, she likes simple antiques and a slightly rustic look. This even carried over into a little basket placed on the floor in the living room near the entrance for her puppies toys. Perfectly matching the colors in her home...sort of rusty reds with golds & forest greens. Very cozy. Of course, when I asked about it, she had found it at one of those stores that gets random others stores leftovers...read: unlikely to find again. Not to mention, her color scheme its very different from my own. But, it was SO cute & my own puppies need one.

Fast forward to Easter time. I was checking out my daily blog reads & Sew Mama Sew had Spring Sewing ~ Easter Tutorials links which contained a link to a Fabric Easter Basket at Moda Bakeshop. Cute right? So, of course, I had an ah ha moment, and I was off to buy supplies.

Oddly enough, not long after that I was checking out the latest "recent with pictures" crafts on Craftster and came across this post stared by someone named Jenicat with a similar but different take on the coiled fabric...um...vesel.

Anyhow, on to my version...

I'm pleased with how it turned out, a bit more scrappy than Jenicat & a bit less scrappy than Moda. From the looks of it will need to make a variation for a kitty bed.

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