Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yup, this is my first time. I'm nervous. I have recently become a blog reader. Mostly crafty blogs. Have you seen the amazingly talented people out there? Is it me or do they all seem to be in the Northwest? I considered myself a crafter...kindof, then I stumbled onto the aforementioned blogs and well lets just say I considered selling all my supplies. Ok, not really, I LOVE making things. I think about it all the time, especially when I should be thinking about other things. Damn these crafting Goddess! I want to be better. I think by better I mean more creative. I rarely have an original idea, although I must say they are happening more now than they used to. I need to focus on fewer things stop being the Jack of all trades master of none type crafter. I see things I like, get fixated on them and that's all I think about until I try. Then mine doesn't look as good as what I saw and I give up on it but still have all the frickin supplies for it. Whatever it may be. I'm like this in other areas of my life as well, too many likes. Decorating my home for example, I like SO many different styles of things, ie: modern, shabby chicish, mid century... which can pose problems. I see a mix of styles in magazines and on blogs and it looks fabulous. I however can't seem to get it right. Not to mention I change my mind quite frequently, I think that is a result of like so many different types of things. Ugh, I need help. What am I missing here? How do I do it right? These crafty people seem to have the coolest homes. And the coolest things. All mixed together perfectly. Wow, am I envious or what?!? I suppose if you've got it , you've got it in every way. These blogs that I love so, well I ain't the lone ranger, they are popular. They are popular because these talented, creative, lovely women are also great writers and I would like to be best friends with all of them. I occasionally comment on their blogs to feel like I'm part of the crafty bloging family.
So I started this blog. Mostly to vent all the thought swirling around my mind about random stuff that no one wants to hear me ramble about. I gotta get it out.

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Mary said...

welcome to blogging! It makes the world pretty small and will definitely make more weekends go by faster! There are too many projects to inspire and emulate! Akk!