Thursday, October 18, 2007

my boys


About 6 years ago now I worked for an environmental firm. One year on the Monday after Easter weekend a co-worker came in with an animal carrier full four mewing & wobbly kittens. All four completely white except for a black spot on each of their heads. Three boys and one girl. Thankfully the black spot on each was shaped differently, because at that point it was the only way we could tell them apart. Except for the little girl, she was the runt. We estimated that they were only a week or two old. The little girl still had umbilical cord attached to her belly. They were found under the stairwell of his apartment. He had heard them and waited for the Mama to come back, but she never did. So, not knowing exactly what to do with them he pack 'em up and brought them into me. So I went out and got a bottle & formula and got to work.

I used to work for a trash company and while there, on a couple of occasions, the workers found live kittens in the trash. I choose to think that the Mama couldn't move them all before the trash man came for the dumpster. At any rate I had hand raised kitties before. My oldest sisters mother-in-law was the wildlife specialist at a local vet for years, so I called on her for her expertise in how to raise the feline babies.
So, my co-worker and his girlfriend took care of the babies at night and on weekends then I took care of them during the day. Once they were able to eat and go potty on their own I brought all four home until they were old enough to be adopted out. At that point they went to a foster mom at a fantastic feral cat rescue organization. Now, before that happened my husband, who is allergic to cats grew to love these soft little playful cotton balls of energy and kindly agreed to keep one. He wanted the girl, because she was SO tiny and by the way required more time on the bottle than any other. So I sadly took the three boys to the foster mom and loved on our little Chloe. Chloe, however was very much missing her brothers and kept us up all night long pouncing and such. So at my husbands insistence I went back to the foster and picked up Frankie. His name came from being the only blue eyed baby of the bunch ( the only longed haired one too)


Tony boy was a rescue of sorts as well. He was an un-neutered male Yorkie in a house with an un-spayed female Yorkie & the owner couldn't manage to house train him... go figure. So they decided the needed to get rid of him. We had been talking about getting a second dog as a companion for our first, but we didn't really have the money to buy another dog, especially not a pure bred puppy. But I found out about this dog through my sister Cindy and was told that the owner was "giving" him away. So we took our pup to meet him and brought him home. The previous owner explained that she had to crate him when she couldn't watch him because he was peeing in the house. Well that night, not wanting him to pee every or anywhere I tried crating him, well...he FREAKED out. I had never seen a dog SO upset to be crated. It was sad really. Obviously he had been crated quite often because it was easier than actually trying to train him, and they wanted to breed the dogs so neutering was out of the question. We had him "fixed" and other then the random accidents that happen with dogs he has been an awesome addition to our family. He is sweet and cuddly and very laid back.

I love my boys very much. Aren't they handsome.?

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