Tuesday, April 10, 2007

here we are

I now have a renewed love for fabrics. This is a bad thing... I am patiently waiting for
Sew Mama Sew to reopen.

I just stumbled on Stardust Shoes through Sew Mama Sew blog. She has a tissue holder tutorial too. Mine is more like hers.


Kelly McCants said...

So pretty! Man I just love Sew Mama Sew. It is dangerous for me really dangerous. I just love to shop for fabrics on line. You can't touch it but you can see absolutly every single bolt!

I just love the Marquee. We have been to two or three wedding and office parties there. I want to buy it and make it my home, and studio.

I really really love that you all have a ripple blanket group. That rocks! Posie gets Cozy is a softer fluffier Martha to me. I love that she is so far reaching. She is connecting with so many people and helping add warm fuzzies. It's ok to be a girl again. isn't it.

Nice to meet cha! I am RSS'n ya!


Kelly McCants said...

Oh everytime I have seen your blog name baby sister I see baby SITTER instead.

One of my biggest parental pet peeves is when a Dad's he has to baby sit his own kids. But a mom could really get away with it. A mom having the name babysitter makes me laugh. I love that idea. The mom would have to be really honest and sassy. Cheeky, you know?

Ryan said...

I normally try not to shop online (too cheap to pay shipping) but I don't have access to many specialized fabric shops up here. Once you get the Marquee in order let me know, I'll drop by!
I'd like to hire Alicia to decorate my house. Think she would?

Baby Sister comes from being the youngest of 7 children. It my oldest bro (#1) that lives in Richmond.