Monday, April 9, 2007


I thought this would happen. I'm too busy reading everyone elses blogs to keep up with my own. I began to think that I could use this to keep track of everything. I have a HORRIBLE memory. So this (if I keep it up to date) could help me remember things. So when I feel I don't have a lot of time to create an entry I could simply make lists of things that I want to be able to recall.
I dunno, just a thought.
I'm sleepy today. I had a bit more numbness in my arm last night. My hands "fall asleep" when I'm sleeping. Its been happening for a while, I can't remember exactly how long, years...(2/3?) For the past couple of months it has started to become painful, waking me, rarely a good nights sleep. The pain prompted me to try acupuncture. I've been 4 times. Each time is more eventful then the one before. My last session was this past Thursday. Crazy session, in a good way. I gotta tell ya, from almost the beginning I've slept better, but after Thursday I felt like I was almost normal again. It's wonderful! Last night there was a bit more numbness, no pain, but I woke up a few times. I think its because my arm/hand made Easter dinner. There, now I can look back at my progress.

P.S. I made some tissue holders using the tutorial on Bella Dia (modified a bit) for little gifts. I'll post pictures tomorrow. My Mom came over yesterday to bring banana bread & took 3 :o)

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