Tuesday, May 29, 2007

just stuff

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was good, thanks. A little shopping, a little doing. I went by The Cottage on Friday. Picked up a yellow window pane & a birdy stake. Hard to photograph but trust me he's cute. I should name him. What should I name him...? He's that blue I love right now. I also got to talk to Amy from InspireCo while I was there. I had met her briefly at the Paris Flea Market but she was SO busy that day. It was nice to chat with her. I also went over to the outlet mall to hop into Old Navy. I got some good stuff for summer. A lot of my stuff is a bit too baggy for my liking anymore. Yes, this is a good thing. But I really don't have a bunch of money to be spending on clothes.
Saturday I picked up work on the top to my china cabinet again. I can't wait to finish. I hope it looks as good in my dining room as it does in my mind. Did some cleaning around the house.
Sunday I want to a little festival thing in my home town. Viva Vienna! We were only there for a short while (too hot) but I got to see my mom & one of my sisters as well as an Aunt & 2 um...second cousins(?) that I wasn't planning on seeing. Which was nice. My cousin (their mom) is having a birthday party for the little one on Saturday but Charlotte & I have tickets to the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival! I am SO very excited. Yummy. My friend Mary is coming up from Woodstock to come too. So much fun.
Monday, I almost finished off the cabinet. It still need a coat of tung oil, but then it can take its rightful place on top. Maybe Mom will give me her china now :o)

Oh, I also made some coaster sets from the pattern at The Purl Bee

P.S. I think I'll name him Rudy ;o)

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