Tuesday, March 27, 2007

so much to do

I had one of those weekend where you don't feel like you had a weekend at all. I hate that. I feel like I haven't been getting anything done lately, which I also hate. My house is a hot mess! I have projects that need finishing, and still others that need started & finished. But the work and personal part of my life has been so busy that I'm beat & don't have the energy to do the fun stuff. One thing I REALLY want to finish up is some furniture I'm refinishing for my dining room. I got a very cool retro-y like china cabinet thing that was like painted or stained & then almost shellacked. And disgustingly dirty. Which I have been stripping etc. I'm done with the bottom 1/2 and now need to sand & re-stain the top display part. I also decided recently that I want a round dining room table. So I found one that was in my price range where the seller agreed to let the table go with out the chairs and it is real. Like actual wood. Mahogany in fact! How cool is that. The only problem is that it had these lion heads & claws on the pedestal. So totally different style than the cabinet & a royal pain in the ass to strip! I got both pieces on Craigslist (I love that site) I sold the pieces that these replaced on CL too. Hopefully I'll have some time to get back to it soon. I'm anxious to see it all done and together. Oh, and having a proper place to eat will be nice.

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