Wednesday, March 28, 2007

when it rains it pours

Bad day yesterday. The week of the crazy work meetings, after my cousins passing, I was feeling the need for a bit of retail therapy but on my way (long story short) I was rear-ended.
I dropped my car off this past Sunday to have the bumper repaired. So I've been driving my husbands car. He loves his car. Spends WAY too much money in what you could call upgrades.
1 being wheels/rims. Well yesterday I scratched up the passenger rear rim pretty darn good($$$).

I got sweaty with a racing heart just thinking about having to tell him what I had done. So I thought I'd take it to the shop that has my car to see if they could minimize how bad it looked before he saw a speeding ticket ($$$). All to find out they couldn't help. But they gave me the name and number of a guy who does this sort of repair. I call to find out he is in Maryland & only comes to town once a week. I ask if he has an email so I can take some pictures & email them to him to see if he can even help me (the rims have been discontinued so I can't replace it) I go to download my pics & my computer won't run ($$$).

I pray today will stop the madness.

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